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Access trainings, manuals, and other resources to prepare for and administer assessments. The links to the correct file layouts are contained in the relevant manual.

Training Presentations

Test Administration Modules

Additional training resources are available for Test Coordinators, Test Administrators, and Technology Coordinators. They can be used to supplement information found in the Test Coordinator Manual and the Test Administrator Manuals.

Test Administrator Manuals

The Test Administrator Manuals provide instructions necessary for the paper-based and computer-based administration of the NJSLA-ELA/M and NJSLA-S, as well as the tasks for the Test Administrator to follow before, during, and after test administration. These manuals also contain the protocols that Test Administrators and Proctors must follow related to test security and test administration. All administration instructions are contained within each script.

Test Coordinator Manual

The Test Coordinator Manual provides instructions for District Test Coordinators and School Test Coordinators to coordinate the administrations of the paper-based and computer-based versions of the NJSLA-ELA/M and NJSLA-S, as well as the tasks for the School Test Coordinator to follow before, during, and after administration. This manual also contains the protocols related to test security and test administration that all school staff must follow.

Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual (AF&A)

The Accessibility Features and Accommodations Manual, seventh edition, is a comprehensive policy document that provides guidance to districts and decision-making teams to ensure that the New Jersey assessments provide valid results for all participating students. Use this manual to understand how to assign and deliver these accommodations and accessibility features to students.

Test Administrator Scripts

Test Administrator Scripts are provided for administering the computer-based tests, and for administering the paper-based tests in standard, Large Print and Braille formats. For all subjects, Test Administrator Scripts are translated into Spanish. Scripts in nine additional languages are provided for NJSLA-ELA/M only.

Accessibility Features and Accommodations

New Jersey Accessibility Features and Accommodations