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Test Preparation

Tutorials demonstrate the navigation and tools available for Computer-Based Assessments. The items appearing in these tutorials are samples used to allow students and educators to gain familiarity with the technology that are used for the NJSLA and NJGPA.

Do you want to know what taking the NJSLA and NJGPA is like? A practice test for each grade and subject is available for you to use to familiarize your child and yourself with the kinds of items, tools and format used for the tests.

Parent Portal Information

The New Jersey Parent Portal provides parents and guardians online access to how their child performed on the NJSLA and NJGPA.

Released Items

The Digital Item Library provides access to items previously administered on a NJSLA ELA, Math, and Science tests. The library categorizes items by Evidence Statements or Common Core State Standards and contains searchable fields to help find specific items. Items can be previewed in the format presented on the computer-based assessment or downloaded as individual or bulk PDFs.

Released items allow educators, students, parents, and guardians to become familiar with the various item previously administered. This site includes answer keys and scored examples of student responses. Please note that there may not be released items for all grade levels and subjects.